Mafia 3‘s “precision instruments of death” showcased in fresh trailer

Mafia 3 combat

Like how it feels to hold a big weapon in your hand? That’s not a question I’ve been asked since my failed attempt to make it in the porn industry, but for the makers of Mafia 3, it’s all just a little bit crucial.

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2K’s latest attempt to get us hyped about Mafia 3‘s forthcoming release centres around the weapons you’ll be able to get your hands on in game, with a mocked up court hearing serving as the perfect way to detail Lincoln Clay’s explosive exploits.

The video details how, at the start of play, most of Clay’s weaponry comes courtesy of a “sweet little arms deal” set in place by crime boss Cassandra, but goes on to showcase his fine ability to mod and upgrade any weapon to make it his own.

“Extended clips, perfectly tuned sight, hollow point, silencers…by the time Lincoln finished tinkering with a firearm it was a precision instrument of death,” the video explains.

As previously detailed, Lincoln’s story will centre around his attempts to gain revenge on the mafia after they double cross his own gang, the black mobsters.

“Lincoln wanted to terrify them,” it continues. “It wanted them to know he was going to kill every single one of them. This man has a talent for violence.”

It’s all looking pretty decent, and it would appear 2K’s parent company Take-Two may have an IP capable of rivalling Grand Theft Auto. We’ll all find out on October 7.