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Mafia 3 trailer shows both sides of Lincoln Clay: stealthy murder and loud KKK massacres

Mafia 3 combat

Mafia 3 is going to be violent, there’s no doubt about it. Gang wars do tend to be bloody, and protagonist Lincoln Clay sure is looking for buckets of the stuff. 

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He’s not the Godfather type of overboss either – Clay’s more of a hands-on (someone’s throat) type of guy.

The new trailer, as you can see above, is all about deciding how to dispatch your mobster enemies. Do you want to sneak in and slide a knife in their neck, or do you want to send a message by firing a grenade launcher into their nightclub?

It’s up to you. You can sit on a roof and pick them off with a sniper rifle, or plough your car straight into them, jumping out and finishing the job with whatever hand cannon you happen to be carrying around.

It looks vicious – especially the bit where Clay interrupts aKu Klux Klan meet with an assault rifle. KKK, meet the AK.

Mafia 3 releases in just over a week, on October 7.