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Magicka: Wizard Wars summons a new progression system and random loot

Magicka Wizard Wars update

The free-to-play mage duelling game that is Magicka: Wizard Wars is receiving a sizable update soon. Among it’s many offering are two substantial new features: a branching progression tree that allows you to tailor your wizard in anyway you see fit, and new rewards of random loot handed out at the end of matches. 

The new features have been revealed on the Magicka: Wizard Wars website. The revamped “Mastery” tree has numerous branches of specialisation, and can be invested in however you like, be that placing lots of points into a single school of magic, or having a broad-but-shallow knowledge of many areas. Mastery tokens are required to unlock new skills, which are awarded at the end of each round. This should hopefully encourage players to stick around until the end of the game.

Despite changing the way progression works, Wizard Wars will not re-set your character, so everything you have already unlocked is still yours.

If waiting until the end of the round for Mastery tokens wasn’t enough, further encouragement is provided in the form of random loot. This could be anything from more Mastery tokens to a new robe, but you have to stay until the end of the game to get your mystery prize.

Level locks are getting scrapped, so now if you see something you want you can buy it, so long as you have the Crowns. Speaking of Crowns, they’re now the only currency in the game. You can use real money to buy Crowns, but everything in the store is now restricted to Magicka’s bespoke money. If you had a stockpile of crystals, which were previously a currency in the store, these are now going to be used for a new crafting system. Crafting won’t be live immediately, but is coming soon.

The update also comes with new spells, and also consumable magicks, allowing you to purchase high-level magick without learning it, and use it for a set amount of casts.

There’s no date attached to the update, but expect it sometime very soon.