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Maia update gives colonists free will while blighting their crops

Maia 0.52

Space colony management sim Maia has entered the 0.58 stage of development by letting your human slaves send you requests of their own volition, which you can then turn down while their crops wither and die.

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The emergent colonist request feature will see your struggling pioneers ask for various tasks to be added to your long list of duties to either minimise risk of bad things happening, or just liven the base up, like listening to their kind of awful electronic music compositions.

On top of this, there’s a new blight system for crops which will cause plants to develop mould and fungal infections if left for too long at full maturity in damp rooms. If you stick too many of the same crop too close to each other, the rot can spread, too. Best to keep a varied hydroponics setup for your base then.

It is now also possible to have multiple bases, or at least multiple air-locks, which is great because digging yourself deeper and deeper into a cliff-side with only one exit on a planet with active seismic events and meteor showers is kind of a recipe for disaster.

There are loads more improvements, including condenser units and smarter IMP bots that hopefully won’t traipse fire through your entire compound, so to see the rest of the changes check out the changelist on developer Simon Roth’s blog.