Maia update 0.61 trains colonists in first aid and stops door-related panic attacks

Maia update 0.61

Finally teaching colonists the basics of first aid, update 0.61 of space colony simulator Maia is now on Steam. Besides instructing inhabitants on how to perform CPR, this update significantly reworks Maia’s tutorial, as well as stopping colonists from breaking down when they get locked in a room with no doors.

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Maia’s UI have received a radical overhaul with this update, with players now being able to click on a room to see all of its settings. From this mini-menu, you can set limits on how much is allowed in a storage room for example, as well as if certain things like body bags and fossils are to be kept in there. Rooms can be instantly locked down via this menu, making managing alien incursions easier. You can even tweak the lighting level of a room by simply clicking on its lights now. Each room has its own mini-menu, so diligent colonists can have precise control on what each room does in their space base.

These UI upgrades apply to placing down items as well, with Maia now telling players if colonists could reach a certain item, as well as the exact path they’d take to it. You’ll no longer have to worry if that workbench is out of reach, or if your head scientist will do a full lap of the room before getting down to business. You can even set move orders as part of this update, which will see your colonists push an item to a set location to rectify any pathing problems you may be having.

Maia’s colonists must have gone out some sort of orienteering/teamwork weekend between updates, as their AI has been greatly improved with update 0.61. Not only will colonists now share workbenches more efficiently, but they will now build doors based on the needs of a specific room. The group counselling must have worked as well, with colonists no longer having a nervous breakdown when left in a room with no doors. They will now actually build a door and simply leave, rather than going mad until you come to rescue them.

Speaking of rescues, colonists can now resuscitate unconscious teammates. Be careful though, as sending someone with no medical skills to perform CPR may end up with your patient developing other health complications.

For those on the fence about giving Maia a try, this update also improves the game’s tutorial to “an easier and clearer first contact” for newer players. Experienced colony managers may find it useful to run through the tutorial again, as it now covers certain newer features. As a further incentive, Maia is also on sale for 50% off until April 25, going for $12.49/£8.99 on Steam. You can check out the full list of changes for patch 0.61 right here.