Make it a productive Sunday by checking out Green Man Gaming’s sale and earn rewards through play

Just Cause 2 Explosions

Sunday’s a weird day. It’s still the weekend, but tainted by its proximity to Monday. Maybe it’s best to forget all of that and just spend the entire day with a cracking PC game. And as luck would have it, today is day 3 of Green Man Gaming’s loopy sale where you can get a great game on the cheap and earn dosh while playing it. 

Green Man Gaming’s Playfire Rewards net you store credit for achievements, and we’ve teamed up with them to make sure you’re drowning in games. Okay, not drowning, but swimming with a snorkel. Safety first.

Today’s eclectic mix of titles sees Final Fantasy VII and VIII compete with Tomb Raider, Sleeping Dogs, Hitman and Just Cause for your attention. I’m going to go out on a limb and predict that Just Cause will end up on top simply because of its mighty explosive potential.

Final Fantasy VII +Final Fantasy VIII

Was: £19.98

Now: £9.99

Sleeping Dogs Pack

Was: £45.92

Now: £9.18

Tomb Raider GOTY

Was: £24.99

Now: £6.24

Hitman Pack

Was: £29.99

Now: £5.99

Just Cause Pack

Was: £14.98

Now: £2.99

Explodemon, Megabyte Punch,Bad Bots, The Duke Nukem Platformer Pack, Storm in a Teacup

Available in the GMG 1-UP Bundle for £13.40, down from £35.95

Grimind, Master Reboot, Soulbringers, Montagues Mount, Scratches

Available in the GMG Frightfest Bundle for £11.10, down from £41.95

Driftmoon, Sword and Soldiers, The Chaos Engine, Gun Monkeys

Available in the GMG Horror Bundle for £8.10, down from £33.95

Just Cause cannot be recommended enough: a tropical open world, a man and his trusty grappling hook and lots and lots of pretty explosions. And if you want a slightly more conventional roleplaying experience but don’t fancy a JRPG like Final Fantasy, then make sure to check out the delightfully clever Driftmoon. But if you want to get all the achievements and earn £10 in store credit, you’ll need to grab them all.

Check back tomorrow at 10AM BST for yet another slew of sales.