New ShootMania update to include Arrow weapon, bow apparently not included.


Official comms from the surface of ManiaPlanet indicate that ShootMania has received a new update containing the ‘Arrow’ weapon. After re-tuning our vox equipment and asking for a repeat of the message, we can confirm that ShootMania is not infact jumping on the archery band-wagon, but offering the Arrow gun indroduced in the Combo add-on for use in all game modes.

Alongside the Arrow, the update offers a healthy list of other updates to ShootMainia. Chief among these is the ability to import 3D model character skins, to create items and dynamic objects, and new Storm blocks to use. There’s also the handy addition of being able to swap weapons now with the mousewheel, which is a feature that’s always welcome at our door.

For the full list of updates see the ManiaPlanet blog, or simply launch your game now to start seeing them in action right away.