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TrackMania 2: Stadium is out now, will all drivers please ready their engines.


Stadium, the newest addition to TrackMania 2, is now available in fully-featured, non-beta flavour. Bringing the classic 2006-era Stadium mode to the TrackMania 2 generation, the game features new content and other flashy niceties enabled by the ManiaPlanet platform.

Stadium features a new 65-track single-player campaign, a new lighting engine, twenty new blocks for use in the track editor, support for community-created blocks, and a new replay editor.

After making its first appearance in 2006’s TrackMania Nations, Stadium mode now returns for TrackMania 2. It is the second ‘section’ of TrackMania 2, the first being Canyon that came out in 2011, and the third being Valley, which is expected to hurtle past the finish line sometime later this year.

The keys to Stadium can be picked up from ManiaPlanet or Steam. Available in three different specifications, you can drive away solo or find it as part of a 3 or 5-player pack.