Nexon unveils two huge updates for MMOs MapleStory and Riders of Icarus

MapleStory V Update

Dropping massive updates for two of its MMOs, Nexon America has revealed details on new content coming to MapleStory and Riders of Icarus. MapleStory’s V update is its biggest revision in nearly ten years, while the Ranger’s Fury update increases Riders of Icarus’ level cap to 50.

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Adding a fifth level of job advancement skills, the V update for MapleStory brings with it the new V-Matrix Skill system, which allows players to combine their favourite skills together to increase their power. With these new godlike skills, Nexon has added three new level 200+ areas, the Vanishing Journey, Chu Chu Island and Lachelein, complete with a new boss named Lucid, the Master of Nightmares.

In order for newer players to experience all of this new content, Nexon has reduced the experience needed to get to level 200 by 30%, making that climb to the end-game much easier. Along with UI improvements, an increased inventory with 128 slots and more questlines, the V update should help entice any players who fell off the MapleStory wagon.

As for Riders of Icarus, the Ranger’s Fury update adds the whole new Ranger class, which focuses on dealing heavy damage at all ranges via your bow, your vambraces or via the power of Chaos. Rangers can invest in further weapon skills, increasing their damage and further augmenting their play style.

This update brings with it a new level 40+ area called the Cloying Wastes, which is a vast desert filled with new factions to ally with, dungeons like the Fortress of Sorrow and the Temple of the Sands to explore and more mounts to collect. As this area is designed for characters above level 40, the Ranger’s Fury update increases the level cap to 50.

Watch the trailer for MapleStory above and the Riders of Icarus trailer below and try out both games for free by checking their dedicated websites.

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