Mars Wars Logs is a “cyberpunk” RPG starring a man named Roy. It’s out now on Steam.


This is interesting: a sci-fi RPG. We haven’t had one of those that wasn’t Mass Effect* since, well, when? Ultima? And we likely won’t have another until CD Projekt’s Cyberpunk 2077, which makes Spiders’ interactive tale of oppression something to behold, or at least glance at.

Glance away:

What intrigues me most is a chance to escape the clinicism of Mass Effect’s universe-as-corridor and fly away to a planet Mad Max built, seemingly.

“Mars War Logs takes you to Mars,” write developers Spiders, redundantly, “nearly a century after a huge cataclysm that threw Mars and its colonies into chaos. You play as Roy, a renegade caught in the middle of a civil war, while different corporations fight over the most precious resource, water.”

We’ll follow Roy through an “immense”, choice-driven main quest and employ picked talents and skills in dynamic, real-time combat.

Mars War Logs is on sale for $19.99 / £14.99 on Steam. Is anybody else going to play it, or should I?

Thanks, RPS.

*Which has always been more of a Star Warsian space fantasy, frankly, with the attendant societal-over-existential focus that implies.