Mars Wars Logs is a "cyberpunk" RPG starring a man named Roy. It's out now on Steam. | PCGamesN

Mars Wars Logs is a "cyberpunk" RPG starring a man named Roy. It's out now on Steam.

This is interesting: a sci-fi RPG. We haven’t had one of those that wasn’t Mass Effect* since, well, when? Ultima? And we likely won’t have another until CD Projekt’s Cyberpunk 2077, which makes Spiders’ interactive tale of oppression something to behold, or at least glance at.

Glance away:

What intrigues me most is a chance to escape the clinicism of Mass Effect’s universe-as-corridor and fly away to a planet Mad Max built, seemingly.

“Mars War Logs takes you to Mars,” write developers Spiders, redundantly, “nearly a century after a huge cataclysm that threw Mars and its colonies into chaos. You play as Roy, a renegade caught in the middle of a civil war, while different corporations fight over the most precious resource, water."

We’ll follow Roy through an “immense”, choice-driven main quest and employ picked talents and skills in dynamic, real-time combat.

Mars War Logs is on sale for $19.99 / £14.99 on Steam. Is anybody else going to play it, or should I?

Thanks, RPS.

*Which has always been more of a Star Warsian space fantasy, frankly, with the attendant societal-over-existential focus that implies.

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Chris Evans avatarRuneclaw69 avatarVinsanityV22 avatar
Chris Evans Avatar
4 Years ago

Really can't justify spending the money on this at the moment. It sounds kind of interesting though, mainly because not enough games are set on Mars!

Runeclaw69 Avatar
4 Years ago

I picked up the game when it came out, as it only costs $16 on GMG and the comments on the forum were in general possitive.


I have played the game for about five hours now and left the starting zone a little while ago. So far I enjoy it and it's well worth the money.


The combat got a simple system, left click to attack, right click to block, F or CTRL to do a special attack to break their guard, plus you have to do a lot of dodging. On top of that you have special weapons and skills to use, like a nail gun or a grenade, throw sand in the opponent's eyes or use your Technomancer skills (Kind of like magic).


It got a smart and easy to use system for crafting and upgrading gear plus a skill point system that is usefull and mostly easy to understand.


The gameplay is linear and used a hub system. You are in an area and can't progress to new places without doing the main quest. While in the area you can do side quests, talk to some NPCs and do some trading.


One problem I have with the game is it's lore. You just don't know much about it, so as a player you just smile and nod at a lot of things the characters might say about the world and it's history.


Also the conversations could be better at places, as there are no indications if the reply you pick is a lie or the truth. I talked to a soldier and told him how I had been a POW (you start the game in a POW camp that you escape after a few hours). He asked if I knew one of his friends that had been taken prisoner. As a player I did not remember that name from the camp, but I had no idea if my character knew him. In my options for replies, "No, don't know him", "Yes, he is doing fine" "Yes, but he is not doing well" or "Yes, but he died in the camp", I have no idea what reply was a lie or the truth.


The other problem I had is that my compannion that fights by my side can be very bad at navigation and get stuck in a fight.


But other than minor flaws like that, I am enjoying the game a lot. So if you want a sci-fi RPG but don't want to spend too much money, give it a try.

VinsanityV22 Avatar
4 Years ago

Why would they fight over water? If we have tech advanced to set up settlements on Mars, we would obviously have the tech to mine asteroids and comets as well. Just take the ice from them and melt it - voila! Water.


At any rate, I'm intrigued by the ambition. But doesn't Spider just make weird, forgettable, "European-style" RPGs that aren't very good? Will definitely wait for videos and reviews and stuff before deciding anything...