Marvel Heroes 2015 adds Blade to its roster in time for Halloween


Joining in all the Halloween content announcements is Marvel Heroes 2015. Instead of some gimmick, Marvel Heroes 2015 is permanently adding Blade to its roster of 52 heroes, giving fans something meaty to stick their fangs into. 

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“On the surface Blade shares many qualities of other Marvel Heroes characters, but what makes him special are his flare and his vampiric powers,” says Gazillion’s Anthony Gallegos, who designed the character. “To really capture both of these, we looked to all pop-culture perceptions of Blade, taking note of what our fans were asking for and seeing how those worked into this storied Marvel character.

“The result is one of the flashier heroes we’ve ever made. Blade oozes style with his moves, a sort of confidence in his power that only further expresses his ferocity. Combine his awesome movement with his cool vampire-inspired powers and gameplay style, and I think he will play in a wholly different way from any character players have seen before.”

Voiced byDave Fennoy (Lee from Telltale’s The Walking Dead, among others), Blade joins Marvel Heroes 2015 in a whirlwind of quips, a hail of bullets and a flash of steel. His look fits with Blade’s modern movie interpretation, but you can also rock his classic afro stylings if you want something a bit different to his dark shades and long coat.

See Blade in action in his reveal trailer: