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Marvel Heroes closed beta begins; Gazillion adamant that it’s not a demo


If loot’s your bag, action and RPG are your idea of a cool coupling, and Marvel characters are your cup of tea, then, for a select few, I present you with your very own tea soaked, wedding bag: Marvel Heroes has entered closed beta and you can take part.

Details below. This ain’t a demo, mind.

“When we say ‘Closed Beta’ it means that you’re testing unfinished software,” writes Gazillion’s Stephen Reid,”Marvel Heroes is still in active development, and everyone who applies for Closed Beta should realize, quite simply, that it’s not done.”

So with that comment ringing in your ears, know that the closed beta for Marvel Heroes launched today and that makers Gazillion are still searching out participants.

First you need to register an account on the game’s site. Then, later this week Gazillion are mailing out survey to all those registered ontheir site. These surveys will determine whether you’re the sort of person who should be testing a Marvel game (“Do you A) Like Batman B) Love Batman C) Have children named Batman”*). And, finally, from those completed surveys they will be selecting a spread of players to take part in the beta.

Comsidering Marvel Heroes is slated to become a free to play title, it is likely that these closed beta will expand and eventually change into an open beta, before switching to a released game.

*Answer: None of the above. Batman is dead to us.