Marvel Heroes early access buyers to be repaid for launch delay caused by “serious issues”


“Late last week, we found some serious issues that we felt we could not launch the game with,” writes David Brevik, lead developer on Marvel Heroes. “The entire Marvel Heroes team has been working for the last 96 hours straight to get the game ready.”

This delay has meant that early supporters of the project, some paying as much as £130, were unable to play the ARPG they’ve been following since early in development. While the bugs have now been fixed Brevik and his team aim to make it up to their fans.

Responding to complaints from buyers of the Ultimate Pack, Gazillion’s community director Stephen Reid said in a FAQ message that “We know that Ultimate Pack owners paid, in part, for Early Game Access and we intend to make up for today’s launch delay in some form. We’ll announce further details in the near future.”

Reid directed anyone still experiencing difficulty with logging into Marvel Heroes to the Support button on the game’s client.

Cheers, Eurogamer.