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Marvel Heroes release date set for June 4; pricey Founders Program grants beta access sooner


Marvel Heroes, the MMO action RPG from Diablo man David Brevik, will welcome players in to burst chests both wooden and villainous in two months’ time. Want to play soldiers with Iron Man, Thor and co. before then? Well, you can. For a price.

“When we started working on Marvel Heroes we knew exactly what we wanted to make – an unrivaled multiplayer free-to-play action-RPG experience that allowed gamers and comic fans to play as their favorite Super Heroes,” said David Brevik, now boss of the numerically-greedily named Gazillion Entertainment.

“This is an incredibly exciting day for all of us at Gazillion and we can’t wait to let gamers experience the Marvel Heroes world and our fresh take on the massively multiplayer online genre.”

Marvel Heroes is free-to-play, with heroes unlockable on an individual basis via a League of Legends style store, so there’ll be no pre-ordering here. Instead, Gazillion are offering a couple of day’s advance on the release date through their Founders Program.

For the $19.99 Starter Pack, you’ll get an extra two days to enjoy the rides before Joe Public arrives with his entourage, access to one of the game’s playable heroes, two of their costumes, and a smattering of in-game cash.

For $59.99, the Premium Pack will net you four early access days, four heroes, eight costumes and more currency, but only with the more-than-dedicated $199.99 Ultimate Pack will you get access to the game’s ongoing closed beta, all of its heroes and costumes, exclusive gear, and a full week of early access. Gazillion have deemed the latter worth “over $750”, via some mystifying valuation process.

Not unreasonably, you’ll be wanting to know whether it’s any good first. Our Paul found a “polished, exciting and often frantic game” in his Marvel Heroes preview – but one that’s still likely to be subject to plenty of balancing and rebalancing in the months before its release.

Are you at all tempted by the chance to sock Wolverine in his snarly jaw in PvP?