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Marvel Snap release date announced during Marvel and Disney showcase

The Marvel Snap release date has been confirmed at the Disney D23 expo, the card game from a former Hearthstone developer is set to come out later this year

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A Marvel Snap release date has now been announced at Disney D23, as the card game from a former Hearthstone developer is set to release fairly soon and come out of its previous beta phase.

You’ll be able to assemble your own dream team of superheroes in Marvel Snap and take them into three-minute play sessions, as it aims to be a quick and easy to learn card battler. It’s set for a full release after its beta period on October 18.

A trailer was released alongside the announcement, which shows some brief glimpses of gameplay that has visuals and effects similar to that of Hearthstone. There’ are even 8-bit versions of characters too.

The connection to Hearthstone doesn’t stop there, as former Hearthstone game director Ben Brode is behind the superhero card title. That said, the Marvel Snap nexus loot boxes have been criticised by some players during the game’s beta period.

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Each match of Marvel Snap takes place across three random locations, each of which will have different game-changing effects. There’s going to be more than 80 of these locations in the card game, and over 150 different cards in the game, too. There’s also going to be multiple variations of character card art, new player avatars, and non-stop content drops as well.

“We’ve spent years making sure that Marvel Snap is the kind of game that everyone, gamer or not, can’t wait to pick up and play,” said Brode.

Marvel Snap’s namesake also comes from its snap mechanic, which lets you raise the stakes and double down, playing mind games with your opponent off the back of your own confidence in your current cards.

Marvel Snap is set to release on October 18 for both PC and mobile, with the pre-registration page going live today as well. You can help the developers if you play the game during its beta period by going to the game’s Discord channel.