Masquerada’s fantasy world of magical masks is drawn like Bastion, plays like Baldur’s Gate


Here’s a pretty little something for your Monday evening. Masquerada was announced a few months ago but didn’t have much to show beyond some cinematic art. Now it’s back with a full trailer to advertise that its comic-book-styled tactical-combat-ways will be playable on the showfloor at PAX Prime next week. It’s deliberately taking after Baldur’s Gate and its ilk, using a real-time with pause system to let you deliberate different options before picking a strategy in each fight.

Characters have a suite of special abilities to use and their own personal fighting style based on weapon, it seems. Exact details on how many folks you’ll have under your command or how stats and magic will work haven’t been revealed, but there’s three characters that show up fairly regularly in the following. Looks to have a standard elemental system for spells, too.

The plot hinges on a civil war between an elite class of magic users who gain power from the masks they wear and the lower class, working people. As this conflict comes to a head, ‘fey creatures’ (like that massive green rocky dude, presumably) start to appear across the city of Ombre, where the game is set, and wreck havoc of their own. There’s not a ton more info out there, other than some lovely screenshots on the official site.

The folks behind it, Witching Hour Studios, previously worked on Ravenmark:Scourge of Estellion, an iOS turn-based strategy RPG I’d not heard of before. It’s also on its way to PC, arriving on Steam August 27th. Masquerada, meanwhile, won’t be hitting our digi-shores until some time in early 2016, for both Mac and PC.