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Mass Effect 3 patch is vast, fixing just about everything

Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect 3 may have been jettisoned out of the release airlock but Bioware are still supporting it through patches, DLC, and other post-release goodies. Whilst not adding shine to our much loved space opera, the latest patch fixes a great many cracks and chips in its veneer.

Check out the highlights below.

As I said before, this is mainly a fixer-upper but these stood out as a little more than your average “Fixed the Encumbrance Bar from not updating correctly for the Earth DLC weapon mods”:

  • Melee creatures will now completely ignore pets
  • Fixed an issue with enemies approaching a downed player to execute, but showing mercy and leaving (There is no mercy.)
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed players to be invincible and invisible to enemies
  • Fixed an exploit where players were able to use rockets from other weapons

The rest of the patch is slight adjustments to weapon values, bug fixes, and balancing.

The game will automatically patch upon booting in Origin.

Let’s hope the Mass Effect DLC and sequel bring more to the table.