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Bioware boss polls fans on what they’d like to see in Mass Effect trilogy re-release

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“Bear in mind this is a "wish list" at this point,” Aaryn Flynn, general manager at Bioware Edmonton and Montreal said. This was after asking Neogaf readers to tell him what they’d like to see in a Mass Effect re-release.

He suggested higher resolution, all the DLC, and, more excitingly, a seamless experience where each game ran into the next.

Flynn said he’d like to see “1080p, 60 fps, High res textures (especially on ME1), Some shader improvements commensurate with newer GPUs, all the DLC, [and a] ‘seamless experience’ - the adventures flow into each other without having to go back to save import, menu screens, etc.”

That last point would make Mass Effect’s re-release unique. Other re-released games have remained unchanged besides their improvements, texture upgrades and so on. The games themselves have remained separate entities.

Replies have seen people asking for the combat mechanics of the later games transplanted into the first Mass Effect. Mass Effect 2 and 3 streamlined combat, added a cover system, and generally made the action significantly more entertaining. However, Flynn’s already shot down the chance of that happening, saying  "'ME3 combat mechanics in ME1' comes up relatively often, but it's not on my radar (again, speaking personally). First it would be a helluva lot of work. Second, I hate the idea of us being accused of 'retconning' ME1. Third (and I bet everyone on NeoGAF knows this), there are those who prefer ME1... So given that all that, it doesn't feel like the right thing to do."

Others have asked for controller support on the PC and for specific graphical improvements, like an improved set of hair shaders.

One thing that was mentioned that would be ideal is the organic integration of DLC - so, the DLC would appear at an appropriate time within the game, as though it were always a part of it.

Flynn suggested this wish list without any confirmation of a Mass Effect trilogy re-release but surely he knows this would be cruelly stirring the hornet’s nest of fans if they had nothing like this planned for the series.

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NihlusGreen avatarQDP2 avatarBLACK KNIGHT avatarDuoBlaze avatar
QDP2 Avatar
3 Years ago

I get the feeling that most people would like to see this trilogy repack on steam, but bets are BioWare are avoiding this question at the moment.. Since purchasing the 'Mass Effect Collection', you'd kind of think you'd be getting the complete collection, rather than leaving out the 3rd of the Trilogy. To see ME3 appear on steam in this complete bundle would be great :)

3 Years ago

Mass Effect 3's combat, with Mass Effect 1's levelling and loot mechanics, that my friends is where it would be at.

Add Mako exploring to all 3 games, delete the mining, tie up some plot threads, and job's a good un

DuoBlaze Avatar
3 Years ago

Give me the exact same interface and controls using an Xbox 360 controller for windows and I'll be pleased and buy a trilogy rerelease. Mass effect is not a game to play comfortably with a mouse and keyboard. I'm holding out hopes for this feature considering bio ware caved and is now offering both options on the new dragon age. They finally got it through their heads that PC gaming is just as at home with a TV and controller.

NihlusGreen Avatar
3 Years ago

This is a remake worthy of the effort