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Topic of the Week: What are the best trilogies in games?


In the first of our renewed and revamped Topics of the Week for 2016, we’re discussing trilogies. All good games end up with a sequel and many come with the two. PCGN’s staff chat room was rife with discussion over which were best when the news broke that both the Dragon Age and Dead Space series were coming to Origin Access, but Mass Effect was not. Thief, Deus Ex and StarCraft II all got a mention from us – but which are your favourites? Let us know in the comments.

I myself am partial to Mass Effect. It changed just enough mecahnically between games to stay relevant, managed to keep characters and storylines running without ever leaving a cliffhangar and told a hell of a tale in the mean time. It was never too self-referential, but always had an in-joke or deeper dive prepared for players that had marched through previous iterations in its sequels. It’s also just a fantastic trilogy of games on the whole, Bioware’s space-bound masterpieces that managed to bridge the gap between a good shooter and a good RPG expertly.