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Mass Effect: Andromeda is the name Bioware have chosen for Mass Effect 4

Mass Effect: Andromeda

Mass Effect 4 is going to be subtitled Andromeda. You’re going to be hearing that word a lot, so you’d better settle on a spelling for it now. It’ll be out by Christmas next year, and the mako is front and centre.

The footage at EA’s conference opened with a red herring – a Monument Valley-style landscape dotted with sandstone buttes and accompanied by oom-pah blues. It screamed spaghetti western – but soon wiped to a luminous waterworld resembling an ethereal Iceland, and then to a misty scene enlivened by overland coral. As a mountain drifted by, sporting its own gravitational field and circled by a gigantic winged monster, it was clear we were being sold variety.

As the camera pulled back, a protagonist on a ship’s bridge selected to warp to the desert world, before turning to reveal the ‘N7’ logo emblazoned on their armour.

On-planet footage demoed the dynamic return of the mako – the rover was anything but dynamic in Mass Effect 1 – as well as self-constructing buildings and ground-thudding biotics.

Are you about ready for another Mass Effect or three?