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Mass Effect 4’s first screens glimpsed over BioWare Montreal’s shoulders; promise “new worlds”

Mass Effect 3

BioWare’s third sequel in their very popular Massive Effect series of videogames has been a shapeless, murky proposition thus far, like Angel Delight. With a trilogy-long story arc behind them, Shepard confined to whatever fate you happened to confine him to and custody handed to a brand new development team in Montreal, we’ve really had nothing to go on.

Until now, when a steady drip of photos began to emerge from the company’s various twitter accounts.

BioWare have been celebrating N7 Day – an event they’ve made up to commemorate the five years since Commander Shepard’s story began with that bit with all the soldiers on spikes.

But they’ve now commandeered their own #N7Day hashtag to reveal the insides of the Montreal office, and some of the screens Mass Effect 4 is being worked across.

The series of tweets represented a baton-passing of sorts – the first came from new Mass Effect producer Michael Gamble; the second from Montreal studio director Yanick Roy; a third from Montreal level designer Gary Stewart; and a fourth from Manveer Heir, who’s taken on the role of gameplay designer after working on Mass Effect 3.

The last came from former series custodian Casey Hudson, who remains executive producer on the new game.

Confirmed: alien rocks, and a protagonist in third person. Try squinting a bit, and let us know what you like the look of in the comments.

Thanks, Gaffers.