Mass Effect: Andromeda’s gameplay trailer reveals improved combat and epic exploration

Mass Effect Andromeda gameplay

EA and BioWare have finally shown us some proper Mass Effect: Andromeda gameplay footage and it looks incredible. See for yourself in the trailer above. 

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The footage shows just one of many planets, which is said to house warring outlaw factions. It seems we won’t be the first settlers to arrive in Andromeda, judging by some of the species Ryder chats to. There’s even a human woman lording it over the hub-like settlement, suggesting others have been settled in this galaxy a while already.

We also get a quick look at the Nomad – Andromeda’s Mako-style ground vehicle – as it tears along the open plains. It looks a lot niftier than the Mako, that’s for sure, but then my nan’s mobility scooter is niftier than the Mako.

Elsewhere, combat has also clearly had quite the overhaul, though it still looks to retain the Mass Effect feel. It just seems to have shifted up the pace, giving the player dashing abilities to dodge attacks with quick sidesteps or backpedals.

Other tools allow you to phase up to enemies, covering ground in a matter of seconds, even if they’re in an elevated position. You also have various forms of mobile cover with some holographic shields, which should all add up to encourage players out of cover more often.

Outside of combat, it looks like we’ll be doing some Batman-esque detective work too, using a scanner to track clues. And when you’re not tracking clues, you’ll be searching out components so you can craft a new set of space armour.

The release date is till set for spring 2017, and the gameplay footage shown gives me some renewed hope that it might actually hit that release window.

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