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Mass Effect: Andromeda won't get single-player DLC

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Yesterday, a rumour was doing the rounds about Mass Effect: Andromeda’s single-player DLC being cancelled. As it was quite clearly not from a reputable source we didn’t bother reporting on it at the time. Unfortunately, now the same rumour is being thrown around again today, only this time it’s not a hoax. 

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Basically, that hoax yesterday got it right by accident. Kotaku have since confirmed that there are no plans for single-player DLC through three anonymous sources who are familiar with goings on at BioWare. When it comes to leaks, Kotaku are pretty bang on, so I’m inclined to believe. 

This follows the news that BioWare have put the Mass Effect series on hold and converted BioWare Montreal into a support studio. Of course, the game will still be getting updates, and I wouldn’t rule out some multiplayer DLC. 

Despite this, it’s a blow. Lair of the Shadow Broker for Mass Effect 2 is one of my favourite pieces of single-player DLC ever, and I hear the DLC for the third game was decent, though I never got around to it. I also think Mass Effect: Andromeda would benefit from more content, whether that be sequels or DLC, as I said in my review

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Droniac avatarChris J Capel avatar`ballistic_z=o avatarDarkedone02 avatar
Droniac Avatar
12 Months ago

That's a shame, but not very surprising. They hadn't unveiled any DLC plans yet, which is very much not EA's style. I did like Andromeda and would've liked to see the Quarians make a return, but now I guess that'll have to wait for some potential future sequel.

I'm not sure Andromeda really needs more content. It's already about as big as the entire previous trilogy combined. I'd rather say that new content (sequel/DLC) would benefit from the foundation Andromeda has put in place. There seems to be a lot of foreshadowing in every corner of the game that could have some real potential.

In terms of DLC I'd argue that Lair of the Shadow Broker is an example of how not to do it. It was great content, but it was also essential to the core game. Without it, Liara's behavior makes no sense, and she's pretty important to the internal (semblance of a) plot of ME2.

The same can be said for From Ashes and Leviathan in ME3. Great content, that's also essential for getting the most out of the game. How would you like to play a game that's entirely about defeating the Reapers, without learning anything about their origins? Or the demise of the prior civilization at the Reaper's 'hands'? And without the most plot-relevant companion character in the entire franchise...

ME3: Omega is a better example of good DLC. It adds a lot of new content at a reasonable price, that expands upon elements of the main game and ME2. It's great DLC, but not outright mandatory for [optimally] enjoying the base game.

`ballistic_z=o Avatar
12 Months ago

The weird thing is they said to pc gamer and it also on EGM that this isn't the case and the statement is false.

but thatwas about Dlc period. We'll see what happens though .

Chris J Capel Avatar
12 Months ago

Definitely sad news. I didn't buy Andromeda due to poor reviews and have only just now picked it up, and I'm enjoying it. Knowing that I might get an incomplete experience dampens my enthusiasm a little. Although to be fair, if the DLC was like Bioware's other expansions it would be ridiculously expensive and never get decreased in price.

Darkedone02 Avatar
12 Months ago

They never did added in a season pass, so adding dlc's without a season pass option was kinda wierd, but now that they put it on hold or possibly forever cancelled, it's probably better that way to begin with. The game was not that successful and it end up becoming a disappointment when the game officially came out. Alot of players say the game was quite repetitive and people dislike that, as well with the animation bug that took the internet by storm and gave it all nothing more then bad reputation...

I know people could be hyped for anthem that was announced this year E3 2017, however after what see saw from mass effect: andromeda, I think most people are going to be a bit reserved for anthem, and see how much EA/Bioware is going to ruin this title by every bad marketing decision, and other terrible ideas they going to implement with this game.