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Get to know the Tempest and Nomad in a new Mass Effect: Andromeda trailer

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Update January 12, 2017: The new Mass Effect: Andromeda trailer has arrived. Watch it above. 

"She's light, stealthy, and the fastest ship in her class." The newly released trailer gives us our first good look at the Tempest, Andromeda's Normandy replacement, and it looks gorgeous. 

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Inside, the Tempest is a similar deal to the Normandy, with weapons benches, a research room, engineering, medical bay, crew quarters, a war room, and even a vehicle bay for the Nomad, your land vehicle.

The Pathfinder's room is huge, has a bay window looking out to space, and a roomy bed for some inter-species fun times.

On planet surfaces, the Nomad is pretty much functionally identical to the Mako, but there's definitely a sense of speed and weight that was missing from that cumbersome moon buggy. You can even give it a paint job. 

Original Story January 11, 2017: BioWare and EA are continuing their long tease of Mass Effect: Andromeda, milking the buzz for all it’s worth. This time they’re announcing another trailer, and this one will apparently walk us through your spaceship and land vehicle. 

The Tempest and Nomad will be replacing the Normandy and the Mako respectively, and BioWare have promised major improvements for both.

For example, the Tempest won’t feature any loading screens, while the Nomad will be not terrible. Excellent news. 

Here’s the tweet announcement:

We’ll update when the trailer lands. 

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NathSB avatarTriforceWisdom avatarQDP2 avatar
NathSB Avatar
1 Year ago

I still don't get the Mako hatred. Sure, it handles a bit oddly at times, and the jump jets are useless unless the ground is completely flat, but I usually find it a blast to drive.

TriforceWisdom Avatar
1 Year ago

I kind of miss the Mako, that thing was a tank. It could take a serious beating and drive straight up a mountain when needed. The only time I really have any issues is occasionally we would just be cruising along some relatively flat land, then hit a small bump that would flip the Mako over and completely upside down. I am interested to see how they improved things with the Nomad, but I really hope they do more to fix the terrain and not have those weird flippy bumps.

QDP2 Avatar
1 Year ago

So the pilot's name is Kalo Jath? Kalu Jaff? We've been trying to work out the Salarian's name for quite some time now..