EA’s EVP thinks Mass Effect: Andromeda “got criticised a little bit more than it deserved”

Mass Effect Andromeda

Opinions are split on Mass Effect: Andromeda. Simply put, some are fans, some definitely are not. Gamereactor wanted to hear what EA’s executive vice president Patrick Söderlund thinks about the game, and so asked him for his thoughts on Mass Effect as a franchise. 

Here’s the three bits of DLC we think could have saved Mass Effect: Andromeda.

With regard to Mass Effect: Andromeda, Söderlund thinks that the criticisms were somewhat harsh. Prefacing with, “I don’t usually do this,” he says that Mass Effect Andromeda “got criticised a little bit more than it deserved” and that “it’s a great game.”

He also called out those who claim that EA won’t be making another Mass Effect game following the criticisms and reception for Mass Effect: Andromeda. “I’ve seen people saying ‘Oh, EA’s not making another Mass Effect’. I see no reason why we shouldn’t come back to Mass Effect. Why not? It’s a spectacular universe, it’s a loved [series], it has a big fanbase, and it’s a game that has done a lot for EA and for BioWare.”

Söderlund did give what looks to be confirmation that EA will be returning to Mass Effect in the future, though – he noted that the form that takes isn’t decided yet, but that “whenever we bring Mass Effect back again, we have to make sure that we bring it back in a really [relevant] way, and in a fresh, exciting place.”

That’s a very good sign for seeing more Mass Effect in the future, even if it won’t be in the form of Mass Effect: Andromeda single-player DLC. For more of Gamereactor UK’s interview with Patrick Söderlund, read it here.