Mass Effect 1 texture pack gets updated, in time for that replay you were thinking of doing


Last year, I went back to the original Mass Effect in eager anticipation of Andromeda, and boy, it is showing its age. We thought you might like to know, then, that a long-running texture mod has just had a major update, giving the decade-old game a coat of modern paint.

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You can grab the texture pack, made by CDAMJC, on Nexus here, along with installation instructions. The changelog for the latest update includes overhauls for Asari, Salarians, Batarians, many major NPCs, large parts of the Citadel and the Normandy, and many more.

There’s plenty of merit in the original Mass Effect, but the grey, washed-out graphics and fuzzy textures are its biggest stumbling block. If Andromeda left you cold, now’s the perfect time to go back to where it all started, only with a crisp, contemporary look.