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Master Spy is a retro platformer where you play a spy who can cloak


Master Spy looks like fast-paced, retro platforming fun and it’s out on Steam right now. Avoiding guards, animals, cameras and laser traps, you must guide Master Spy through increasingly difficult 2D gauntlets, making good use of his cloaking ability to slip by unseen. 

Events take place over 50 levels, with retro cutscenes layering on the intrigue as you make progress.

It makes me feel really nostalgic for Flashback, for some reason, though this looks much more fast paced than that game ever was. Still, those nostalgia pangs, eh?

I also get Gunpoint vibes from it, even though it doesn’t look to share much with that game besides the fact you play as a guy in a trench coat and it’s 2D. It looks like you’ll need much faster reflexes in this, for a start. It also has a shark in it, and every game gets an extra point for having sharks in it.

Have a watch of the launch trailer:

It’s £6.99 on Steam, or $9.99 on the official site, if you want to give it a try.