Shelter devs Might and Delight take us out of the woods with Meadow


Tiny Stockholm studio Might and Delight have carved out a niche for themselves as the Watership Down of Games – casting us as cutesy woodland animals and forcing us to witness the brutality of nature in uncomfortable close-up. So far we’ve been the panicked parents of badgers and lynxes in Shelter and its sequel, and a lost Lynx cub in spin-off Paws.

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Now they’re teasing something called Meadow. Whatever it is, it shares a lovely patchwork art style with Shelter and is probably absolutely devastating.

“Coming together nicely” might not just be development commentary. What we’re looking at here is all of Shelter’s central animals in a single shot.

This mystery Meadow, then, builds on the games that have come before – and presumably on their prevailing themes of loss, family and friendship too.

Previous Shelter side projects have included Nurture, a free tamagotchi-like game mode that takes you back to the forest every day, and a children’s book called The Circle. So what’ll this be? Shelter Smash Bros., anyone?