Mechwarrior Online adds Misery to the mix; also, new maps, bugfixes, and UAVs


I’ve been told that a game about shooting mechs till they explode is only as much fun as the variety of mechs in the game (and the size/frequency of the explosions), so, by that reckoning, the latest update to Mechwarrior Online, which brings with it a new stalker mech, the Misery, should make the game 12 times more fun, right?

The update also brings some new trial mechs and the all-important bug fixes.

Watch as Misery takes over the battlefield (never have I wanted more than this current moment to have a picture of a mech holding its head in its hands looking sad):

Here are the update highlights (lifted from here):

  • `Mech of the Month – Blackjack (21st)

  • Hero `Mech of the Month – Misery (7th)

  • Champion `Mech of the Month – Jenner JR7-D(C) (7th)

  • New Patterns – Buccaneer (7th) and Cobra (21st)

  • New Cockpit Items – BattleMech Statues (7th)

  • New Modules – Seismic Sensor, UAV, Advanced UAV. Improved UAV, and UAV Upgrade (21st)

  • New Map – Canyon Network (21st)

I’m intrigued by those UAV consumables. Activating one will send a wee drone up into the air for 60 seconds. From there it can spot and target enemy mechs for your companions while also burn through ECM.

I’ve not had a chance to run through the new map yet but according to Piranha Canyon Network is going to be an ambush nightmare. Deep ravines and many a cubbyhole means mechs could be hiding round any corner. Scouts will be key in a map like this, simply as a means of directing the assault mechs out of ambushes and into the main fights.

And here are those bug fixes:

  • Fixed friends list size limitation.

  • Better incoming message notification.

  • Improved message context sensitivity.

  • Chat Colour coding/User identification.

  • Decoupled Anti-Aliasing from System Spec option.

  • Implemented brightness/Gama option.

  • Fixed an issue where users were being disconnected during game.

  • Fix for possible soft lock users experienced while playing a match.

  • Fixed a crash that some users experienced when the end of round screen timer ran out and they were kicked back to the Mech Lab.

  • Fix multiple control rebind issues.

  • Fix for ‘Mechs losing the ~1km/h with speed tweak.

  • Fixed a black screen bug that could happen to users after the loading screen.