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Mechwarrior Online open beta starts on Tuesday 16th

Mechwarrior Online

“Make a MECH-sized marking in your calendars for Tuesday, October 16th,” say Mechwarrior Online engineers Piranha Games. “In just one week, we will be opening up the InnerSphere to all MechWarriors and their friends.”

The InnerSphere is, for those still in the OuterSphere, Piranha’s name for the real-time living world which Mechwarrior Online inhabits. Today’s date in the InnerSphere is October 11th, 3049, and daily news reports keep players informed as to its goings on.

You can join them from next Tuesday. But why open beta now?

“We feel our closed beta players have done all they can and simply they are fatigued by closed beta,” explain Piranha’s Bryan Ekman and Russ Bullock.

“What I mean by this is that closed beta can be trying mainly because all of their hard work gets wiped on a regular basis and even though we continue to have tens of thousands of unique players playing each day there are many that are waiting to spend their time when it really counts.”

So there you have it: from next week the game will be open to all, and current players can get back in the cockpit knowing that a memory wipe isn’t coming one week, two weeks, or six months down the line.

See Mechwarrior Online in slow, cumbersome action in this trailer. Will you be joining the orange-grey fray?