Mechwarrior Online trailer shows off Catapult doing what it does best: long range missile bombardment and skipping


The BattleTech mascot has long been the Mad Cat, something about it’s agile leap and multiple hardpoints, toting lasers, autocannons, and shoulder-mounted missile launchers, has made it endearing to a generation who fail to appreciate the best of mechs, the Catapult.

A new trailer from Piranha shows off just why it’s quite so special.

The Catapult is a graceful beast, despite its heavy mech status, being able to spool up to a gazelle-like 64km/h whilst also hefting about a whole spread of long-range missiles. It trounces the Mad Cat, in my eyes, simply because, when supported by a scout, the Cat can’t even get close to make off a shot.

The scout’s pretty important in this respect, mainly due to the onus on line-of-sight being wired in by Piranha. In this new Mechwarrior you’ll be able to launch missiles at a target out of visual range so long as one of your scout allies is transmitting that location data to you. Think of it, you’re in your Catapult, well out of harm’s way, hidden amongst the buildings of River City, whilst a friendly Bushwacker bounces from rooftop to rooftop tracking an enemy Atlas. All the while giving youtargetingdata, letting you bombard the Atlas, never giving away your own location.

I’m extremely excited for this game and canny wait for us all to jump in it for a bit of exo-suit violence.