Mechwarrior Tactics beta is open, kinda


Mechwarrior Tactics is currently in closed beta, with all manner of tactical mech destruction going on behind closed doors. Until now we on the outside could only wonder at the metal on metal violence that was happening over at Roadhouse Interactive and ACRONYM Games testing pit. 

With a few simple clicks and a quick sign up process you can now join in the carnage.

While the game itself is still in a closed beta, IGN are running a promotion at the moment that allows you to sign up for beta access so long as you also have an account with the site. You just need to head over here and follow the on-screen instructions.

If you’ve little to no idea what this is all about this 30 seconds of footage will slightly clear things up:

(It’s sure as hell more useful that The Witcher 3’s title trailer).

You’ll be building up a lance of mechs, outfitting them fancy kit, crewing them with pilots and then taking them to the hex-based battlefield to earn their keep.

It’s not dissimilar to the criminally under-appreciated MechCommander. You wouldn’t be far off in saying that design-wise Mechwarrior Tactics is to MechCommander as Mechwarrior Online is to the old Mechwarrior games. Hopefully it will turn out equally well.

Thanks, Genny Harrison.