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Medal of Honor Warfighter day-one patch needed to fix serious matchmaking issues and single player “progression stoppers”


Heartiness, despite its implied size and loudness, is actually a very particular quality. Appropriate scenarios for the application of heartiness include belly laughter, or the welcoming of friends into one’s home. An inappropriate scenario might be, say, when informing buyers of your game that the thing might not work without a day-one patch. Nonetheless, developers Danger Close “heartily encourage” you to download Medal of Honor Warfighter’s day-one patch if you’re buying the game on release in the US today.

Danger Close have released patch notes over at EA’s Help site, VG247 have noticed. While I’ve never patched so much as a hole in a jacket, I will say that many of the changes listed seem unnervingly significant for a game long since declared ‘gold’.

In matchmaking, for instance, it’s currently possible to join an invitation only party ‘without being invited’. In the retail version of the game, a player removed from a platoon sometimes inexplicably becomes its leader, and you’re likely to be blocked from rejoining a platoon matchmaking server after playing a game on it – making Warfighter all but incompatible with long-term friendships.

Basic functionality – the ability to add friends and join parties, or to join or invite others into a platoon in-game – is listed under ‘New Features’.

Only after the patch, incredibly, does the VOIP team channel “no longer include players from the other team”. And one PC-specific issue sees controller prompts showing “even though a controller was not plugged in”.

In single player, Danger Close are adding missing tutorial text, as well as fixing a major issue which see controls become unresponsive in certain conditions. Worst of all, there’s also reference to “progression stoppers” shipped with the version of the game that will hit retailers later today.

See the
comprehensive list here. Are you picking up Warfighter today? Or will you be holding off, given this latest instance of hearty encouragement?