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Medal of Honor Warfighter trailers detail Spec Ops combat training

Medal of Honor: Warfighter

Medal of Honor’s series of ‘combat training’ trailers won’t train you in the art of combat. Sorry. Really, they’re an opportunity for EA to boast about the real-life Spec Ops types they’ve consulted in the making of the game. The testimony of these brave men and women will ensure that players are told to open doors in precisely the correct wording come the game’s release this Friday.

Alpha bravo after the break soldier, double time! Mayday!

The Spec Ops types aren’t above a little boasting themselves – the first of these videos is dedicated to talking upthe pre-mission info-gathering and night vision/infrared tech that makes life really unfair for those on the wrong side of the US army:

And in the second, Mr Ops details at lengthhow he gets to work faster than any of us do:

All delivered in the alien baritone of a man who’s seen combat; the kind of voice that frequents Xbox Live. Brr.

Thanks, CVG.Will you be picking up Warfighter on Friday?