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Medieval Engineers rolls out new Castle Siege mode

Medieval Engineers

Early Access dark ages construction game Medieval Engineers has just been updated with a fancy new multiplayer mode. Castle Siege is an attack and defend game where players do exactly what the title suggests: lay siege to an enemy castle.

One player must defend their King statue, which is located within the walls of their castle. The attacking player needs to destroy the statue by any means possible, but in double quick time as the clock is ticking. From conventional approaches like trebuchets or scaling walls, to more risky maneuvers like tunnelling underground, there are many methods to take in pursuit of victory.

The mode has been developed to introduce some pacier elements to the game. It’s still very much a work in progress, but as the Early Access period continues more and more new items and features will be added to Castle Siege. Expect new weapons and armour, and even some survival elements in the coming months.