The Elder Scrolls: Total War is a Medieval 2 total conversion you might be interested in

The Elder Scrolls: Total War

The competitive mode of The Elder Scrolls Online drew battle lines across Cyrodiil, reimagining a familiar landscape as a field of perpetual warfare. But our Nick’s the only person I know who ever reached the level 10 required to take part.

There are fewer prerequisites involved in playing The Elder Scrolls: Total War, the first public build of which was released yesterday.

The total conversion for Medieval 2: Total War – Kingdoms plonks you into Tamriel as the patriarch or matriarch of one of 20 factions. Its timeline spans parts of both the Third and Fourth Eras, covering the events of Morrowind and Oblivion as it goes.

This first release is humongous in scope and buggy in form. But the team have a plan to “develop the project [for] as long as possible”, or until public interest wanes.

“Naturally, as soon as there is new official data on the TES universe, it will be reflected in our mod,” writes LoRdNazgu1 on ModDB. “This could be, for example, the visual appearance of the Khajiit or Argonian troops.”

While the canon implementation of lizard uniforms is up in the air, the mod team have more solid plans for extra units, provincial campaigns in Daggerfall and Morrowind, and adapting the events of Skyrim. The latter, they note, is “the place to be”.

In whose name will you redefine Tamriel’s borders, long established in lore? The cat-people, yeah?