The Meta Quest Pro and its successor might not be canned after all

Despite reports that the Meta Quest Pro and successor had been cancelled, Meta CTO Andrew Bosworth suggests that's not the reality for these VR headsets.

An image of a person playing on the Meta Quest Pro, looking up to the right of the screen, in front of a purple, blue and pink background.

The Meta Quest Pro has been in the VR space for less than a year, yet recent rumors speculate that its successor, and the entire future of the Quest Pro VR line, might be in trouble. Meta itself, however, says different.

A recent report, caught originally by The Information, alleges that Meta is slowing down the production of its Quest Pro VR headset line, and may be planning to cancel the Quest Pro 2 altogether. This rumor came to fruition because of reports from the manufacturer that Meta has ceased ordering any new components for the Quest Pro line. Any continued production of the headset would be made using up any remaining inventory.

Originally envisioned as a headset aimed at working professionals, and not for gaming, the Meta Quest Pro cost a staggering $1,5000 at launch. Since then, it’s been discounted to under $1,000, but it still hasn’t sat well with a lot of consumers.

While we can only speculate that the Quest Pro 2 won’t ever be fully realized, Meta CTO Andrew Bosworth took to Instagram to disprove any cancellation rumors. “There is no Quest Pro 2 headset until we decide there is”, he iterates on an Instagram Stories post.

Bosworth goes on to explain that at any given time, there are multiple prototype VR headsets in development. And that while in production, they don’t get names, so the Quest Pro 2 might exist and it might not.

“Don’t believe everything you read about what’s been stopped or started. A lot of the times it comes from someone who’s unhappy their particular project got cut when there are other projects that did not get cut.”

While the future for the Meta Quest Pro line is up in the air, its tremulous journey doesn’t gleam much hope for fans of the social-media produced headset line. And now, with Apple recently entering the VR race with the Apple Vision Pro, it’ll be fascinating to see what Meta offers up as a worthy headset rival.

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