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Metal Gear Solid V does the same mission again and again, and it’s different every time

MGSV gameplay

At E3, Konami showed off some extensive footage of Metal Gear Solid V, showing you how you could approach the game’s sandbox-style missions. A new video shows off just how many various options are available to Snake on even the most simple missions, with the same objective completed four times with completely different approaches. 

You may potentially have seen this footage before with Japanese language, but Konami have now released it localised into English for maximum comprehension.

The mission is A Hero’s Way, and is focussed on the apprehension of a single target. The video replays the mission with vastly different tactics. The first attempt sees Snake buddy up with Quiet, who can be positioned as a sniper around the map and used to help take out targets. Amusingly, you can even throw grenades and have Quiet shoot them in mid-air to bounce them around corners.

On the map you can see a variety of insertion points, which are used to different effects in each playthrough. You can land right in the centre of the action and brutally fight your way in, or – as seen in the third attempt – land much farther out and slowly work your way forward.

Also featured in these playthroughs is the first footage of Snake using his robotic blast arm, and using the iconic MGS cardboard box.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain releases September 15th on PC.