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Data miners have discovered a chapter cut from Metal Gear Solid 5

MGSV data mine

Data miners have rummaged through the files of Metal Gear Solid 5 on PC, only to discover evidence of an entire chapter that never made the final cut. Also discovered were textures that suggest a historic MGS character may have been due to make a return in one form or another. 

Metal Gear Solid 5 is made up of two chapters, but the data miners over at Facepunch (the link contains full-on spoilers, so beware) have discovered that there was going to be a third chapter, which would have been called ‘Peace’. That makes a fair amount of sense, since stories are generally played out in three acts.

The Collector’s Edition of MGS5 come with a blu-ray that references events that don’t take place in the game, illustrated with concept art and unfinished scenes. It seems as if the chapter could well have bridged plot points between The Phantom Pain and the original Metal Gear Solid storyline.

Also found in the data mine were textures of The Boss, a character from Metal Gear Solid 3. There’s nothing to suggest in what form she’d appear in the game, be that a flashback or part of the actual story, but clearly she was planned to be included.

It’s easy to speculate that the cut of a whole, potentially concluding, chapter of the game is down to Konami and creator Hideo Kojima’s relationship falling apart, but the truth is that the majority of games are cut down from their initial design thanks to budget or time concerns. Whatever happened with MGSV, it is unfortunate that we get to miss out on a whole chapter, even if it already is a generous game.

Thanks, Gaming Bolt.