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Metal Gear Survive's UI and 'Iris Energy' shown in new combat gameplay

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Metal Gear publishers Konami have tweeted 55 seconds of edited combat gameplay from Metal Gear Survive.

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Previous demos have focused on sneaking, whereas this footage looks at combat and wave defence. It's overlaid with UI elements tracking score, a wave timer, various objectives, and 'Iris Energy', whatever that is. Zombies' paths toward their objective also appear to be shown with white chevrons on the floor. It all looks very arcadey.

When applied to the Japanese text, Google tells us different enemy types will have different weak points, so your choice of weapon is important. Firearms and proximity weapons are just two of several varieties.

We’ve known for a while that Metal Gear Survive will be a zombie-fighting wave defence game, set in an alternate version of the world of Metal Gear Solid V.

That's a radical departure from Metal Gear's narrative-heavy stealth roots, which would be controversial enough, but Konami's messy divorce from series creator Hideo Kojima has earned them further ire from gamers who hail him a visionary; just take a look at the comments on our impressions of the game from Gamescom 2017 (video above).

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Selarek avatarsh4rp3r avatar
Selarek Avatar
5 Months ago

"Single player first look" plays the video, random guy starts talking, a bit of a clickbait there

sh4rp3r Avatar
5 Months ago

The gameplay looks interesting, sadly Konami didn't have the balls to just create a new IP.