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Metal Gear Survive microtransactions let you buy your way into better productivity

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Metal Gear Survive is out now on consoles, joining the illustrious likes of Portable Ops, Ghost Babel, and Snake’s Revenge in the pantheon of non-Hideo Kojima directed Metal Gear games. The PC version unlocks in just over a day, but thanks to our intrepid console brethren, we know what to expect from the game’s microtransactions.

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Like Metal Gear Solid V, Survive’s extra purchases all come in the form of a premium currency you can use to boost productivity at your base. Here that means you can spend real money to “increase the productivity of Exploration Teams, increase food production and boost other features in the game.”

These “SV coins” are available in the following packages:

  • 100 SV coins - $0.99
  • 550 SV coins - $4.99
  • 1150 SV coins - $9.99
  • 3500 SV coins - $29.99
  • 6000 SV coins - $49.99

Given that Metal Gear Survive has been out for a matter of hours on console, we don’t know how exactly those coins will factor into late game balance. If they’re as much like MGS5’s purchases as they appear at first glance, they won’t be much of a consideration at all.

Metal Gear Survive launches on PC in just about 30 hours for a slightly-less-than-premium price of $39.99 / £34.99 / €39.99. Konami have provided a fancy new launch trailer that you can see above. If you're wondering whether your PC can run it, check out the system requirements.

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Zeroderp avatarRoemello Skuggs avatarWhiteCrow avatarFeasco avatar
WhiteCrow Avatar
4 Months ago

Microtransactions in a B2P. Years ago we'd have lost our collective minds, and devs/publishers would have recoiled from the backlash. They can comfortably do it now.

I don't care how mundane, benign, or not Pay2Win the microtransactions seem, the fact is they're still selling you something in a game you paid for.

Zeroderp Avatar
4 Months ago

This screams mobile game pricing tactics to me.

Roemello Skuggs Avatar
4 Months ago

I should have done my research before pre-ordering, now I have to go through the cancellation process!

Feasco Avatar
4 Months ago

If you're expecting people to give you money to spend less time playing your game you've made a bad game.