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Here’s when Metal Gear Survive unlocks on PC tonight

Metal Gear Survive

The Steam version of Metal Gear Survive releases tonight, and in some cases first thing tomorrow, so make sure you know your region launch time to stay ahead of the pack.

Make sure your PC can run it. Check out the system requirements for Metal Gear Survive.

  • USA: 16:00 (PST) and 19:00 (EST)
  • UK: 0:00 February 22 (GMT)
  • Europe: 1:00 February 22 (CET)
  • Brazil: 21:00 (BRST)
  • Russia: 3:00 February 22 (MSK)
  • India: 5:30 February 22 (IST)
  • Australia: 11:00 February 22 (AEDT)

You can keep track of the times via the Metal Gear Survive Steam page, but remember the estimate rounds down at the top of each hour. So if launch time is midnight, and it’s either 20:01 or 20:57, the game will stay say “unlocks in approximately three hours.”

Developers Konami have also revealed a rough road map for Metal Gear Survive over the coming months.


  • Launch celebration login bonus (from Feb 23)


  • Adding a new difficulty level for daily missions (hard).
  • Adding a new difficulty level for weekly missions (hard).
  • Adding a new type of mission in co-op.
  • Adding a new event: co-op mission with a new rule .
  • Adding the possibility to change some of the in-game controls.
  • Changing the personal score calculation so it takes the digger acceleration into account.

However, due to the development schedule, this schedule is subject to change as Konami fix glitches and balance issues. A detailed update schedule will be announced later.