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Metro Exodus scores - our roundup of the critics

The Metro Exodus scores are in, so it's time to take a look at what the critics thought of their recent trip to Russia

Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus is will depart from platform one this week, the Aurora and its crew leaving Moscow to explore the post-apocalyptic version of Russia that lies beyond. But while you’ll be waiting an extra couple of days for the game, the critics’ takes are already pulling out of the station, so let’s take a look at how the game has fared.

In our own Metro Exodus PC review, it looks like Artyom’s latest outing is set to steam ahead of its predecessors. Harry says that the game goes off the rails at one point, but that “escaping from the murk of subterranean Russia makes Exodus comfortably better than 2033 and Last Light. You might have to suffer some hurried platform changes and the odd detour on the way, but ultimately this is a much more memorable journey than a predictable, convenient commute. Metro Exodus proves, in dazzling fashion, that the best route is always the scenic one.”

Harry’s sentiments seem roughly on track with the rest of the critics’ Metro Exodus scores. At time of writing, its OpenCritic score is 81, a score that’s also posted over on Metacritic.

Before we lose our train of thought, let’s take a look at the Metro Exodus scores. Unless otherwise noted, all scores are for PC:

Metro Exodus has been at the centre of some controversy thanks to a platform alteration. Last month, 4A Games and Deep Silver announced that it would be arriving on the Epic Games store rather than Steam. It’ll be interesting to see whether that decision derails the game’s sales, or whether the game can still build up a head of steam.

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