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Metro Exodus’ story trailer shows off terrible men, but a beautiful train

Metro Exodus has a new story trailer, juxtaposing the beautiful Aurora with some horrible antagonists

Metro Exodus

I’ve not played a Metro game before, but Metro Exodus has piqued my interest. An apocalyptic new story trailer dropped yesterday, and while it does provide an opportunity to get up close and personal with some of the Russian wasteland’s villains, it also offers plenty of action shots of that wonderful steam train, the Aurora, steaming through the nuclear winter.

The trailer, which you can check out for yourself towards the bottom of this article, is told from the perspective of Anna. A top sniper and main character Artyom’s wife, Anna shares her husband’s belief that there is a world beyond Russia’s metro system.

As it turns out, they’re both right, but while the trailer shows off some glimpses of an impressive open world, it also suggests that the people living outside the tunnels won’t be all that pleasant to be around. There’s a lot of discussion about the savage nature of man, and none of that is abated as you watch the crew of the Aurora gun down swathes of zombified survivors.

If it all gets a bit too much, however, you can just ignore all that unpleasantness and bask in the glory of that beautiful locomotive. As a big ol’ train nerd, Exodus appeals to me in a way that no other title in the series has managed so far.

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You can check out the trailer in its entirety in the video below.

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The story trailer arrives with just a few weeks to go until the Metro Exodus release date. The Aurora will be departing from Moscow on February 15, a week earlier than we initially expected. That’ll be a busy day, as Jump Force, Crackdown 3, and Far Cry: New Dawn all release, but at least it means Exodus won’t have to compete with Anthem.