Metro: Last Light FOV patch comes to the surface, fixes AMD issues too


Developer 4A Games have released a patch that grants players control over the field of view in Metro: Last Light. The patch also fixes a few problems the game has been experiencing when played on AMD hardware. It’s ready for you to uncover on Steam whenever you’re ready to brave the tunnels, or if you’re not feeling brave you can check out Steve’s Metro: Last Light review.

Our Steve noted in his reviewthat the game was missing a FOV slider. Whilst 4A’s patch doesn’t do anything to rectify this, you can now change the settings manually by altering the game’s code. A post over on the Steam Metro discussion page explains that you can do this by following these precise instructions: “After starting the game up, the user.cfg will be updated with the r_base_fov attribute. You can find this in %LOCALAPPDATA%\4A Games\Metro LL\. Tweak it at your leisure!”.

As for players having issues with AMD hardware, the patch fixes shadow corruption problems occurring on 7xxx series graphics cards, and also prevents the game launching in 3:1 aspect ratio. Unfortunately there’s no sign of a fix for the framerate dive-bomb problem Steve had when using nVidia’s physics effects on an AMD card.