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Metro: Last Light trailer shows all kinds of unpleasantness captured in a single moment


Despite Metro: Last Light already having been released, developer 4A games have gone on to release a thoroughly impressive trailer for their apocalyptic shooter.

The Mobius trailer shows us a single instant of a subway station caught in the throes of a mutant assault, the camera moves between the humans struggling to repel creatures, all of them frozen in place. It’s a simple idea perfectly executed, and if it perked your interest maybe you should take a peek at Steve’s Metro: Last Light review.

Created by one of 4A’s artists, Alexander Bereznyak, the trailer is akin to the Dead Island teaser released all those yonks ago. Though, one key difference is that this trailer actually captures something of the way Metro plays as a game. Where the Dead Island trailer struck a maudlin tone that didn’t appear in the colourfully violent zombie game, this video nails the sense of desperate struggle that pervades Last Light.

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