Metro: Last Light video introduces us to the game’s irradiated world


Metro: Last Light is out now; here’s our Metro: Last Light review.

It’s been a long while since the release of Metro 2033, as a result 4A Games are putting out a series of videos – the survival guide – to get us back up to scratch with its vision of an irradiated Russian wasteland.

The first in the series looks at the world of Metro and it features claustrophobic subways, irradiated beasts, and an ear-pleasingly voiced narrator.

Don’t your auricular organs just feel warmed after three minutes in the company of that soft spoken Russian?

The strength of Metro 2033, from the sections I played, was the confidence and detail in the game’s setting. Things like using bullets as currency, both as a device to convey the value system this world runs on but also to force you to decide being tooled up with the best kit or having ammo to burn in the tunnels. That same dedication to setting comes across in this short video. It’s marketing material so, of course, it will be the game looking its best but there’s a consistent quality throughout the footage that is difficult to fake, particularly when using in-game footage, which some of the video is.

For a more authoritative voice on Last Light, check out Rob’s recent hands-on.

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