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Next Metro game rumored to be VR, but there may be a catch

Allegedly dubbed Metro: Awakening, the next entry in the FPS series may require a VR headset but concerns loom over platform availability.

A screenshot from a Metro game, with the player character wearing a PS VR 2 headset

Since the launch of the last Metro Exodus DLC in 2020, looking for news on the future of the series has been like blindly navigating a pitch-black metro tunnel. Thankfully, a light in the darkness may have revealed that Artyom’s next venture may be designed for VR.

Given its immersive qualities, it’s easy to see how a virtual reality spinoff or mainline entry in the Metro series could become one of the best VR games since Half-Life: Alyx. However, rumors adjacent to the existence of the game could be cause for concern.

In a post on X, user Kurakasis claims that ‘Metro: Awakening’ is the name of the next game in the series. They also say it will be a VR game, but clarified they are unsure whether this amounts to requiring one of the best VR headsets or if it will merely support virtual reality devices.

More details are expected at the next PlayStation State of Play event, set for January 31, 2024. This is according to Insider Gaming which shared some alleged details on Metro: Awakening last year.

Given that the game is supposedly due to be revealed during Sony’s livestream, PlayStation VR 2 support is a given. However, this venue could be cause for concern regarding platform availability, as Metro: Awakening could be Sony’s next big exclusive for the platform following Horizon: Call of the Mountain.

Amazing as that headset is, it would be a terrible shame to have any Metro game locked away from the PC, given the series’ history of pushing PC hardware. After all, Metro Exodus: Enhanced Edition was the first game to demand ray tracing capable hardware as a base.

If all these rumors hold water, we shouldn’t have long to wait until we find out for certain. In the meantime, check out our Pimax Crystal review if you’re interested in upgrading your VR headset.