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Microsoft have an announcement to make about Windows 10 hardware


Windows 10 sure has been divisive so far. After doing a custom download myself and getting rid of all that Orwellian spyware, I’ve had no issues. It could be me, but games seem to run slightly better and I’m getting used to the UI. I’m pretty happy with it.

Well Microsoft has news about the operating system and their upcoming hardware, and they’re planning to share it in New York on October 6. 

The announcement website asks us to tune in and watch the announcement at 10am EST on something called an Xbox? God knows what that is.

No doubt the conference will have some time dedicated to Microsoft’s mobile efforts, possibly including the Surface Pro 4, if you’re interested in the next step up for PC gaming on the go.

The event announcement is pretty cryptic, but Microsoft says the news is “exciting”. Whether that means it will be exciting for actual human people remains to be seen.