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Microsoft will talk DirectX 12 at GDC this month

Microsoft are attending GDC in force this year.

Standby for journalism. Microsoft have indicated that anybody interested in a thing named DirectX 12 ought to attend a GDC presentation on March 20, at 10am. Visit the provisional schedule on the GDC site, meanwhile, and you’ll find a description of a talk entitled DirectX: Evolving Microsoft's Graphics Platform due to start at exactly that time.

Coincidence? Probably not. Nope.

“For nearly 20 years, DirectX has been the platform used by game developers to create the fastest, most visually impressive games on the planet,” write Microsoft. “However, you asked us to do more. You asked us to bring you even closer to the metal.”

The talk will be hosted by Windows Graphics development manager Anuj Gosalia. Microsoft plan to provide “better tools” to developers, to allow them to “squeeze every last drop of performance out of your PC”.

Another presentation is scheduled for later that day. Windows Graphics development lead Max McMullen will talk about ‘Direct3D Futures’. Improvements to DirectX’s graphics API will allow next-gen games to “run faster than ever before”, claims the blurb. Developers will gain access to an “unprecedented level of hardware control” and “reduced CPU rendering overhead”. 

Those keeping track or even already taking advantage of AMD’s Mantle API will have bells ringing in their ears. Mantle circumvents DirectX entirely to let games like Battlefield 4 talk straight to your GPU. The idea is that it cuts some of the overhead associated with DirectX, instead operating at a “low level”. 

‘Closer to the metal’ would be one way of putting it - and it seems likely that Microsoft have something similar to announce for DirectX 12 at GDC.

With any luck, that means a more competitive graphics market and performance gains all round for us lot. Had the promise of Mantle tempted you towards making your next GPU an AMD one?

Ta, CVG.

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subedii avatarTenClub avatar
subedii Avatar
4 Years ago

"Had the promise of Mantle tempted you towards making your next GPU an AMD one?"

Yup. Never bought an ATI card before, but seriously considering it now should the next upgrade round come.

But to be honest, I think the more interesting fight is going to be between DirectX and OpenGL. And well, I'm hoping that OpenGL makes some serious headway here. I was watching the Steam dev days videos recently, it's impressive how much work Valve are putting into developing OpenGL, and that everyone benefits from that.

TenClub Avatar
4 Years ago

With DirectX 12 supporting low level development there is no place for Mantle and it will fail just as Glide did before it.

What would any developer gain by wasting time, money, and post patch support on yet another API when they have a standardized one in the form of DirectX. You might see a Mantle supported game once in a while when AMD pays the publisher/developers for implementation but it will be incredibly rare. Proprietary tech is stupid and one that revolves around splitting developers focus on two API's just for one vendor even more so.

I think I speak for most people when I say that I'd rather have devs optimizing for one API than wasting time on two.

As long as MS is in the console business DirectX will always be the go to API. The one advantage Mantle had over DX is now gone.

PS: For people who don't know what Glide is.